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ANALYST is a 42 months project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Research and innovation Programme. 

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Advancements and Strategic Discussions: The second ANALYST Consortium Meeting

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ANALYST General infos  

Project name: Strengthening the Integrated Approach of Holistic Impact Assessments for Safe and Sustainable by Design Plastic Value Chain


Project acronym: ANALYST



Project starting date: 1 January 2024


Project end date: 30 June 2027


Project duration: 42 months

Budget: 3 995 722.50 €

Project number: 101138548

The consortium is composed by 13 partners in 6 different countries. 

Balanced Objects


The European Union is working on the transition of PVC to a circular economy to tackle plastic pollution and climate change. Efforts include the 'Safe and Sustainable by Design' (SSbD) framework to address environmental and health risks. ANALYST collaborates with the EU in updating the criteria and tools needed for this transition through three key innovations:

The European Union (EU) leadership in the global fight against pollution and climate chang
Innovation #1 

It will develop robust methodologies for health, environmental, social, and economic impact assessments of PVC materials at both the EU and global scales.

The European Union (EU) leadership in the global fight against pollution and climate chang
Innovation #2

​It will implement an Open Access platform incorporating a digital multi-criteria decision-making support tool (DMDMS), containing results from the validation program, training materials, and dissemination resources to foster collaboration and innovation within the stakeholder community. 

Innovation #3

It will create a strong partnership with the community stakeholders through a three-council structure: Advisory Board (AB), Stakeholder Board (SB) and Industry Replicability Board (IRB) for project replication and realistic user case application.

Balanced Objects



Assess data gaps and data avaialbility to to create a methodology that integrates health, environment, social, and economic impact assessments for chemicals and materials.


Develop a digital tool to assist stakeholders in making informed decisions by considering multiple criteria related to the impacts of chemicals and materials.


Perform a demonstration program within the PVC value chain to showcase the practical application and effectiveness of the developed methodologies and tools in assessing impacts.


Build an opean access platform to ensure ongoing accessibility and updating of methodology and impact with stakeholders and industry representatives even after project completion.

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