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Balanced Objects

 About ANALYST Project

Project partners

ANALYST project consortuium is composed by 13 different partners in 6 different countires. 


Project Coordinator 


HOLOSS is a global innovator committed to making our society greener and healthier by investigating the complex relationship between the environment and human health, as well as how this relationship is being impacted by human activity itself. 

Large Enterprises 


AVIENT is a global manufacturer of specialized polymer materials. Its products include thermoplastic compounds, plastic colorants and additives, thermoplastic resins, vinyl resins, thermoplastic composites and specialty thermoset composite materials.

CIRES, a leader in the Iberian market, offers a diverse range of PVC polymers manufactured by suspension used in multiple industrial sectors. The company is firmly committed to adopting measures aimed at sustainable development, respecting the environment and local communities.


TMG Group, with 80 years of innovation, thrives on strong partnerships. Active in over 40 markets across textiles, automotive, retail, wine-making, and hydroelectric power, the company is dedicated to quality, sustainable growth, and minimizing its environmental footprint.

Small and Medium Enterprises 


PREVINIL was founded to produce and sell PVC compounds for packaging and later expanded to general-purpose applications. It consistently positions itself as a key partner to its customers, contributing to added value and the growth of PVC-based applications.


Faria & Morouço specializes in plastic extrusion and injection molding for the food/refrigeration, construction, and agriculture sectors. It aims to operate globally in the transformation of biodegradable materials,  emphasizing quality, technology, innovation and partnerships. 



 Universita' degli Studi G. D'Annunzio Chieti-Pescara    is a public research university located in Chieti and Pescara, neighbouring cities in the region of Abruzzo, Italy. DEC is the university's Department of Economic Studies.

Research Centres

AIMEN is a Innovation and Technology Centre on the initiative of a group Galician entrepreneurs. Today, it is a national leader in research and in providing advanced technological services in the fields of joining technologies, materials and laser technologies applied to materials processing.


IDENER.AI is a private reseach company which investigates in the multidisciplinary field of Computational Mathematics and its practical application in the optimisation of systems, including: chemical and biochemical systems, logistics maangement and manufacturing systems, energy markets and defense.


NILU is a non-profit Norwegian climate and environmental research institute, with the goal of increaseing knowledge about climate change, the composition of the atmosphere, air quality, environmental chemistry and the green shift – as well as how all this affects health and the environment.

PIEP, the University of Minho Technological Interface Center, specializes in the plastics sector and related industries: automotive, aerospace, defense, health, and more. It focused on applied research and innovative solutions in polymer engineering for various fields.

EuPC is a leading EU-level trade association representing the plastic converting industry. It focuses on promoting a fair-trading environment within the EU through market development, regulatory advocacy, and trade initiatives.

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