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 About ANALYST Project


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PVC is the third most produced plastic material globally and is recognised for its long-term stability, weather resilience and chemical resistance. However, the transition of PVC to a circular economy poses challenges, as a complete assessment of the entire life cycle of PVC has not been conducted through a holistic impact assessment to ensure optimal protection of human health and the environment across health, environmental, social and economic aspects.

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The European Union is actively committed to environmental sustainability, and ciculare conomy of waste. In particular, the EU is focusing on the transition of materials such as Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) towards a circular economy. In this regard, one of the main objectives is to address the issues related to PVC additives to ensure safety and sustainability. 

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At the European level, the European Commission adopted the 'Safe and Sustainable by Design' (SSbD) framework to provide a robust strategy to improve the safety and sustainability (environmental, social and economic value) of various chemicals or advanced materials.

ANALYST therefore is an opportunity for the EU to overcome these hurdles by exploiting the knowledge and evidence developed in close collaboration with industrial partners across the PVC value chain, committed to achieving the project's objectives.

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