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Integrating Gender and Ethics in R&I: Insights from HOLOSS Virtual Seminar

On May 23, 2024, HOLOSS hosted a virtual seminar titled "How to Integrate Gender & Ethics in R&I", focused on promoting inclusive and ethical practices within the ANALYST Project advancing inclusive and ethical practices. The event aimed to address potential gender bias by offering comprehensive recommendations and insights into gender and ethics in Research & Innovation (R&I).

The seminar started with an introduction of fundamental gender concepts, clarifying the distinction between "sex" from "gender" and emphasizing concepts such as "intersectionality" and "gender equality." Key research terms were defined: “gender-sensitive research” integrates gender considerations throughout the research cycle, “gender-specific research” focuses on gender as the main subject, “gender-blind research” ignores gender considerations, and gender bias prioritises one gender over another.

HOLOSS highlighted gender mainstreaming in R&I and the importance of gender equality within Horizon Europe (HE) Projects, aligned with the European Commission’s Gender Equality Strategy 2020–2025. More in detail, HE Programme addresses gender equality through three approaches: requiring a Gender Equality Plan  for certain legal entities, mandating the inclusion of a gender dimension in R&I content, and promoting gender balance throughout the program.

Ethical considerations in R&I were also addressed, focusing on the application of ethical principles, promotion of research integrity, and prevention of misconduct. Three main ethical methods were identified: “ex ante methods” (considering ethics at the start of R&I processes), “intra methods” (applying ethics during the translation of ideas into technologies), and “ex post methods” (analysing ethical issues of existing technologies).

HOLOSS provided recommendations to enhance gender and ethics aspects in the ANALYST Project. The seminar offered a platform for discussion, knowledge-sharing, and learning among consortium members, highlighting the critical importance of integrating gender and ethics into research.

In today’s research landscape, embedding gender and ethics perspectives is crucial for fostering a culture of equality, inclusivity, and ethical conduct within the R&I ecosystem.

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