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ANALYST Project – Kick-off meeting in Porto, Portugal

The kick-off meeting of the ANALYST project took place in Porto on 30 and 31 January 2024, hosted by the project coordinator, HOLOSS. This two-day meeting represented a valuable opportunity for the 13 consortium partners, including one third-party,  to meet in person and establish the groundwork for the project implementation.

The agenda of the meeting encompassed a comprehensive overview of the project's background and crucial details. Additionally, the meeting delved into the project's use cases, particularly focusing on PVC, highlighting its societal and environmental value. 

In the first part of the meeting, HOLOSS, the Coordinator, offered a comprehensive overview of the project's scope, including the work to be undertaken across the different Work Packages, conceptual framework, and primary goals as well as technical management information. The project's alignment with the European Commission's Safe and Sustainable by Design framework (SSbD) was highlighted, with a focus on bridging gaps within the framework and driving innovation within the PVC value chain.
The central part of the meeting was chaired by Antonios Konstantas, representing the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA), who provided insights into HaDEA's general overview and role in managing, executing, and evaluating projects funded by the European Commission, emphasizing the potential of ANALYST in promoting resource efficiency and advocating for the Safe and Sustainable by Design framework. 

Following this panel, all the partners introduced themselves and their organisations, showcasing their areas of expertise and how they could meaningfully contribute across various Work Packages.
The leaders of the various Work Packages provided insights into the upcoming efforts within their areas, fostering a deeper understanding of the interdependencies between their work and encouraging active participation in the cross-cutting activities that are essential for the realisation of the ambitious project’s goals.

The kick-off meeting laid a robust foundation for collaborative endeavours throughout the 42-month duration of the project.

Keep visiting our website and social media pages to learn more about project developments and the latest updates. 

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