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Mapping the Progress on Safe and Sustainable by Design in Europe

On May 16th, the ANALYST partners convened for an online meeting organised by the Università G. D'Annunzio of Pescara. The purpose of the meeting was to map, analyse, and understand the current state of the Safe and Sustainable by Design (SSbD) framework in EU projects to shape new methodologies and tools for sustainable innovation in Europe.














The meeting started with the participants’ introductions, setting the stage for a collaborative exchange of expertise in sustainability and environmental research. Attendees reviewed the progress and results of various European projects related to the SSbD framework, discussing current methodologies for data aggregation. The discussions identified different ways to integrate life cycle sustainability assessment methodologies into projects, noting their limitations and future development trajectories. Despite the latest studies and developments, significant challenges remain in the social dimension for selecting and integrating baseline indicators and methodologies.

A major focus of the discussion was the challenge of achieving a unified life cycle sustainability assessment score, particularly in the social domain. Partners proposed various solutions, leading to a productive dialogue marking a significant first step toward achieving Safe and Sustainable Design in the ANALYST project.

The meeting also addressed the challenges associated with applying sustainability assessments in the early stages of innovation. Participants emphasised the importance of accurate data collection, simplification of methodologies for early implementation stages, and balancing sustainability goals with economic feasibility by involving stakeholders.

These collaborative discussions underscored the importance of integrated approaches to progress in the SSbD framework. Moreover, the insights gained during the meeting will be crucial for the ANALYST partners to set the ground in shaping methodologies and tools for sustainable innovation in Europe.


As the ANALYST project progresses, the consortium expertise and collaborative spirit demonstrated at this meeting will be important to ensure progress within the project and to actively contribute to the definition of the SSbD framework.

Keep following us for updates on the development of an integrated methodology for a safe and sustainable plastics value chain.


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